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In recently published studies, St. Clair, Madison & Monroe Counties are the three fastest growing counties in terms of population, in southern Illinois. Land use patterns in St. Clair County alone have changed over the last decade from farmland to residential and commercial developments, especially in the communities of Belleville, Caseyville, Fairview Heights, Freeburg, Shiloh, Swansea, Millstadt, and O’Fallon. With the continued stability of St. Clair County’s largest employer, Scott Air Force Base, and the potential growth of Mid-America Airport and the expansion of St. Elizabeth and Memorial Hospitals, it is likely that the economy could improve, resulting in a stable real estate market. Even when the real estate market is slow, people are always moving around, whether from Scott Air Force Base to Mascoutah, or Cahokia to Belleville, East St. Louis, O’Fallon, Shiloh or Swansea, there will always be a need for the types of real estate sales and listing services offered by Renee Lewis Realty, LLC.

Being an informed buyer or seller is the key to making the good decisions regarding your property. To assist you in that process, we have compiled a list of Home Inspection Fees for certain communities throughout St. Clair County, Illinois.

Several local municipalities require the owners/sellers to have their homes inspected prior to putting their homes are the market. It is therefore recommended that you contact the appropriate municipality to schedule an appointment or obtain more information regarding the home inspection process.

Municipal Ordinances

                             (Home Inspection Fees Prior to Closing)                       

Municipality               Phone Number         SF Home Inspection Fees

Municipality Phone Number Home Inspetion fees
Belleville (618) 233-6817 $60.00
Cahokia (618) 337-9517 $50.00
Caseyville (618) 344-1234 $50.00
Centreville (618) 332-1057 $75.00
Columbia (618) 281-7144 $78.00 (homes 5 years old)
East St. Louis (618) 482-6811 $40.00
Fairmont City (618) 274-4504 $25.00
Fairview Heights (618) 489-2060 $50.00
Freeburg (618) 539-5545 $100.00
Lebanon (618) 537-4976 $100.00
Mascoutah (618) 566-2964 $100.00
Millstadt (618) 476-1514 Fee TBD
O’Fallon (618) 624-4500 $50.00
Shiloh (618) 632-1022 $50.00
Swansea (618) 234-0044 None Required


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